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Products & Solutions

Professional Headsets

Professional headsets deliver the sound quality that let employees communicate clearly. Get the best solution for your organisation and specific use case. Our experts can advise on products, compatibility and UC deployments.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Check out our video conferencing products including conference cameras, room solutions, webcams, headsets, collaboration tools, and accessories.

Hotel & Business Phones

There are numerous systems and technologies that can be used to streamline your communications. We are experts in hotel phone systems and can help you decide which system will be a best fit for your hotel.

Customer Engagement & Public Safety

Nice customer engagement solution is designed to help measure all important areas of user engagement so that you can make adjustments and improve the experience from start to finish.

NICE public safety delivers end-to-end digital transformation, improved collaboration, efficiency and cost-savings to all types of public safety and criminal justice agencies, from emergency communications centers and police departments to prosecutors and courts

Digital Omnichannel customer messaging & Conversational AI framework

We enable communications with any device or person. UIB seamlessly connects different communications channels, AI platforms, and connectors (including SaaS and IoT APIs) in a platform that is designed to be infinitely scalable.


Get all types of accessories like ear pads, adapters, cables etc. Headphone Cushions & Earbuds. You can get accessories for all the major brands like, Poly, Jabra, EPOS | Sennheiser and more.

Telephony Software Solutions

Call Accounting & Reporting

SpeechBill is a Web Based Call Accounting and Costing Solution which enables costing, budgeting and tracking for all communication costs. As a management tool, SpeechBill can generate reports on telecom usage by allocating costs to departments, cost & profits centers and even customers. Analysis of productivity, call traffic and costs can be accessed by reports or graphical representations of dashboards, even remotely based on call detail records (CDR)

The SpeechBill web based interface and the reporting engine is designed in the most user friendly and responsive manner in order to ensure easy access and compatibility with all platforms and browsers. SpeechBill is available in 2 editions , Standard Edition and Professional Edition. Standard edition is meant for small-medium enterprises with single office or locations. Professional Edition is meant for enterprises having multiple branch offices that require centralized call cost and detail administration.

Voice Logger & Call Recording

Timna promotes DGVox which is designed to record and archive voice communications, be it Telephone calls (IP, Digital or Analog), Radio communication or even Radar data. DGVox is used in various user groups in Government, Law Enforcement, Banks and Financial institutions, Call Centers, and Public Utilities.

DGVox with its powerful web-based user interface allows users to monitor, search and evaluate calls and generate various types of reports and graph for analysis. The solution is equipped with modules for Screen Capture and Agent Quality Monitoring, specifically designed to meet the requirements of Call Centers. DGVox is compatible and certified with leading phone systems like NEC, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel and others.

DGVox is installed in nearly twenty countries including US and Japan. It has certain key advantages for meeting customer requirements in emerging markets.

One Solution for All Communication Modalities - NICE

NICE is the worldwide leader of software solutions that deliver strategic insights by capturing and analyzing mass quantities of structured and unstructured data in real time from multiple sources, including phone calls, mobile apps, emails, chat, social media, and video. NICE’s solutions enable organizations to take the Next-Best-Action to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets. NICE solutions are used by over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.

  • Trading Recording Systems
  • Financial Compliance Solutions
  • Enterprise Customer Experience & Workforce Management Solutions
  • Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Public Safety – Digital Evidence Transformation
  • Cloud Native Open Platform

NICE’s NTR solution is the industry’s only ‘all in one’ compliance-focused trade conversation recording platform. Used by most of the world’s leading banks and investment firms, NTR can record communications from turrets, desk phones, mobile phones, and Unified Communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Symphony and Cisco Jabber™.

Maintain exceptional customer experiences in times of growing service needs, while transitioning to a home environment.


UIB makes human-to-machine communications as simple and as natural as human-to-human communications.

  • Chatbots: Text and voice assistants in chat, mobile, and web apps
  • Robots/Machines: Real-world interactions with robots, machines and other sensor powered physical objects
  • Smart Speakers: Voice assistants built into speakers or into other hardware deices
  • Digital Humans: Virtual screen holograms with voice and touch interactions

Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

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